Friday, August 26, 2005


و يقف ينظر الى نفسه فى المرآة و تتساقط الدموع من عينيه ولكن لا يعرف ماذا يفعل
يفتح الماء ليندفع فى قوة .. لعله يمحى خطياه .. الامه .. ضعفه .. ربما يمحيه هو نفسه
ليتركها سعيدة مبتسمة طاهرة من كل الالام و الجروح
يشد من قامته . يرسم على وجهه تلك الابتسامة الساخرة
لقد اححببت من قبل و فقدت من احب ... و لن تختلف كثيرا هذة المرة
ولكنه يصرخ رافضا .. يبكى كطفل يسأل نفسه
لمـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــاذا .......
أيجب أن أتخلى عن كل شىء ... عنها .. عن نفسى ..
يقف ينظرالى الساعة .. و يجمع أشيائه التى هى أشيائها لعل تلك الأاشياء تتكلم يوما
و يمشى يتذكر صوتها تغنى له ... يبتسم .. يغلق قبضته على أشياء كما كان بفعل بيدها
فقد قرر ان يصنعها مادام لا يملكها ...
كانت .. ومازالت ... و ستكون
ا ل ح ي ا ة

Friday, June 17, 2005

What iF !?!

Silence ,,, that I never Feel .. The inner peace that I've been always asking how dose it feels
The feeling of joy .. All this things I think about it when I try to sleep.. Wonder if it may happened one day .. And I find any of them ..
But the thing that make me feel sad the most ..
Why I don�t feel them ..
Is there a rezone .. Or am uncompleted human ..
My mum porn me uncompleted ..
Or life took the ability to feel from me.
I've never found an answer for this ..
But the need to change .. To feel live .. Push's me to think WHAT IF ??
I heard the silence .. How do it sound like .. Is it really empty .. And really I can hear my breath ?
What is the meaning of inner Peace .. Is it to feel satisfied about every thing .. Or to know that every think around u Suck .. But I still like it
I think if I understand the feeling of those tow thing' s
Surely I'll feel joy
At Least coz I do understand ..
And I'll be a person who felt .. Understood and died

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Question !!!

And here the ends starts .. I'll break it to little pars .. My story my life my last chance
No one can answer me and if any one did , I wont like it .. Coz I don�t believe in them anymore
Am I really that bad not to derives a better chance .. Or I didn't work hard for it this time
They didn't believe in me .. Even they didn't agree to give me anther chance ..
Do I have to pay for my mistake till the date they can't find anything else to take
Or I just play it cool .. And say yes okay .. And be just a big fool
They say am going to lose .. Like I did all over my life
To lose and even lose the thing I lost
Even the sadness of loss am not allowed to show .. Why !!
Coz it's my mistake
I didn't wake up all night and study
I didn't work till u fuck the shit out of my body
I didn't say the truth when I sow someone hates me
I didn't and I didn't and I didn't
And the only thing they see I can did
Is to lose .. To distort
They never asked me it really hurts
They never told me .. Sorry .. Next time will be better
And fall son and stand up stronger as if they enjoy it
All they care about is work and study
Like am no body for them
And now .. I want give up
On my dead body
I wont let them smile and tell me ..
Here are u .. Like u always do ..
I'll win this fight
And I'll prove that I've been always right
But still ..
No body answered me and no one Well

Friday, June 10, 2005

When You Look Inside

in the depth of the heartache,philosophy arises,in the depth of failure and weakness,wisdom takes place,that doesn't mean only in those situations we find new things about ourselves,no,it's all been there underneath,we just discovered what we had all along,but life and events blinded us from discovering it,that's what's happening to you,this is not superficiality,this is more usage and expressions of true feelings and more self confidence to express them,keep it up,it's true and honest,and touches everyone's soul,far away from superficiality,it's more like confessions of a dangerous mind :)
By: Meshmesha

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


ما اشعر بة عندما اراها خائفة
تتجمد الدماء فى عروقى المنهالكة
و يتوقف الهواء عن ملئ صدرى
ينتابنى شعور بل برد.........
تتجمد اطرافى ......... و تتساقط
اشعر بهذا الضعف فى الرؤيا
وفاجئه يتلاشى كل شيىء
حتى هى تتلاشا
وتظل عيناها الخائفتان يلاحقوننى
و لكن الى اين ..... لا اعلم
احاول ان اتوقف ..ولاكن ارجلى تقاوم وتستمر و الهرب
ولان افهم و تعود لى الرؤيا
انها لم تعد خائفة
وانا لم اعد احيا

Think Deeply

a Welcome Note ..

Welcome Every one ..
As a Superficial Person .. I'll Write down all my Superficial thought ..
and any one of u .. Feel he/she is Like me .. I Would be honored if he/she can write down anything . or send me and I'll Post it ..
thanks Again
someone very Superficial and Mess The Depth